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Armv7 Games On Galaxy Y (Games armv6 not works on armv7)

All You Have to do is run esfilexplorer Click on the icon to the left at the top where there favorites and click on phone icon click that enter the system folder now open the file and open it with eg build prop notes editor after what do you look for the string below and rename done, do not press the arrow to go back and save you

ro.product.cpu=armeabi to ro.product.cpu=armeabi-v7a 
7.Restart your Phone

Note: Some Armv6 games wouldnt work now....... :(
Note:to restore the armv6 rename the string where you put ro.product.cpu = armeabi-V7A in ro.product.cpu = armeabi end! enjoy...

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  1. so i did that it said but the games does not open


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