Download Gangstar 2: Miami Vindication HD Game

Download Gangstar 2: Miami Vindication HD on galaxy Y or any QVGA, HVGA, WVGA android device!

Enjoy the most immersive full-3D crime simulation ever on smartphone! Gangstar: Miami Vindication has a new, unique feel that delivers a deep storyline of revenge: plunge into Miami gang life and live a fast-paced adventure to liberate your little brother who has been kidnapped by the Armada gang for unknown reasons…

here is the tutorial-
1. root your galaxy y or any qvga android device.

2. download the APK+DATA file LINK-HERE [Fixed]

3. extract the data folder and copy the files to- sd card/gameloft/games/...HERE (gangstar2)

4. paste the apk file anywhere on your sd card then install it.

5. start Chain Fire 3D

6. go to "default open gl settings" and tik- "reduce texture quality" and also tik- "reduce texture size", then go to use plugins (right under "reduce texture size) and select "QUALCOMM"

7. minimize chain fire 3D

8. start the game and ENJOY!!!!

if u have any questions then leave a comment!

hey why u r keep on reading download this awesome game and PLAY!! u suerly gonna love it!!!! want more games hang on to my blog :D

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30 March 2013 at 06:33 ×

the link is dead...

Congrats bro Anonymous you got PERTAMAX...! hehehehe...

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